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China Intermediate Violin
This solid wood violin is designed to be reliable, lasting several years before the student will need to consider upgrading again. With its beautiful quality and design, Derhyme intermediate violin is an excellent violin for an affordable price and very good quality. Derhyme solid wood violin will be your next dream partner, it will accompany you to a higher level of performance.
Solid Hand-Carved Spruce Top
The cross-section has clear texture, prominent annual ring lines, dark brown, moderate soft and hard wood fibers, suitable moisture in the growing environment of trees, and sufficient sunlight. It is an ideal high-quality wood for making violin.
To avoid wood glue near the bark layer, the outer 3~4 cm should be discarded when selecting the material, and the core part should also be discarded 5 cm. The middle part is the best choice.
Solid Hand-Carved Maple Back
Almost all solid wood violins have tiger-skin-like markings on the back, which will change its refraction with different angles of sight. In order to adapt to changes in the external environment during the growth of the maple tree, a wrinkle-like texture is formed at the bend of the trunk.

Strict Painting Steps
The order of brushing is ribs, back, top, the back and the front of the screw head, the two sides of the wall of the screw box, the screw head and the side of the screw box. The color of grease paint is relatively stable, not only has a metallic color, but also has excellent transparency. When applied on maple wood, the pattern of maple wood immediately emerges, with a three-dimensional effect, distinct layers and great contrast.
Inlaid Purfling
Even if the solid wood violin is damaged by collision during use, the board will not be damaged due to the sideline. The edge of the violin is damaged by friction or bow collision. Repairing the edge from outside the edge is convenient and easy to hide traces.
Ebony Fingerboard, Pegs Chin Rest
All accessories are made of high-grade ebony. The appropriate thickness of the fingerboard allows the player to press the strings comfortably during the performance. The standard pegs and chin rest are made for the convenience of the violinist.China Intermediate Violin

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